church of Christ at the Boulevard - Go into all the world and preach the gospel... Mk 16:15

Willie Smith

           As a man up under orders from God, Bro Willie Smith submitting the call to become a Gospel Preacher in the Lords church. Bro Smith serves both God and the congregation well as he continues to preach sound doctrinal messasge 


Clark Nelson

            Found faithful to serve in 2007, Clark meekly substantiates the express image of what a servant is when serving the Lord and the saints of God. Being first proven for this special work and ministry, Clark was prepared for servile work. Serving under the leadership of Elders Halloe Robinson & William Hogin for more than 6 years, (until the retirement of Bro. Hogin) he became versed and served well. Clark continues to serve and minister to the immediate needs of the congregation.

Mervin Parker

          Chosen to serve in 2007, Mervin brings balance to this special work in which he is qualified. His humble and lowly spirit aids him in the ministry, serving the saints of God and relieving the church of any burden that needs attention. Serving under the leadership of Elders Halloe Robinson & William Hogin for over 6 years, (until the retirement of Bro. Hogin) Mervin became knowledgeable and prepared. Earning himself a good report, he continues serve and function in a wide range of tasks. 


                         Richard Schultz

        Being found faithful to serve as a Deacon, Bro. Richard Schultz has always led by example in his service even while he was a babe in Christ. His humility and willingness to serve God and His people are both admirable and fit for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


"For those who have served well as deacons obtain for themselves a good standing and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus"      
                                               1 Timothy 3:13